Cool Tech brought this facility in Pakistan in 2000. Approximately 8000 sq ft of clean area can be done within a day without any disturbance and noise. You can use your roof conveniently and you can search that type of coating on internet by any search engine like yahoo goggle etc. Just mention "ROOF HEAT PROOFING" Your Air Conditioner Bill will be cut down by around 20 to 30%. Recommended by Engineers and consultant all over the world.

Roof heat proofing

Different Type Of Roof. Laser Spot Temperature.
Roof Floor Outside.
Laser Spot Temperature.
Roof Ceiling Inside.
 Inside Room Temperature. Cool Tech Coated Area.
Inside Temperature.
Normal Concrete Roof 55 degree Celsius 39 degree Celsius  37 degree Celsius 32 degree Celsius
Red Clay or Red Briks Roof 60 degree Celsius 40 degree Celsius  38 degree Celsius 32 degree Celsius


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