Roof heat proofing


We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the Pioneers of ROOF HEAT PROOFING in Pakistan. Our company was established in the year 2000. Our ancestors were the main importer of chemicals. When Pakistan got independence our grandfather Mr. Abdul Khaliq Gandhak wala (Late) was one of the first ones who opened a chemical outlet in Jodia Bazar Karachi. Every chemical related industrialist and Business men knows him really well all over Pakistan. In chemical field, we started a new business which fulfills the need of every House, Factory, Office, Hotel, School, Hospital and any other location. Our coating is the mixture of different types of chemicals including Sun block chemicals from Pakistan, Korea, China and Germany. This was started in USA, GULF, Saudi Arabia and Other hot regions in early 80's. Cool Tech brought this facility in Pakistan in 2000. Approximately 10,000 sqft of clean area can be completed within a day without breaking or damaging the roof surface or producing any noise. After the coating the roof can be used as conveniently as it was used before.


A reflective roof is defined by ENERGY STAR as one that has properties of at least 65% reflectivity and 50% emissivity after 3-year aging. It reflects solar energy back into space so the roof surface remains cooler. ENERGY STAR is a US Government sponsored program encouraging the use of energy efficient products. Roofing materials including coatings can qualify for ENERGY STAR if the coating meets specific solar reflectance minimum criteria Coating will extend the life of the roof, by reducing heat transfer into the building, decreasing thermal shock (thermal expansion and contraction of the roof), and helping to mitigate leaks.


1) Reduces the temperature inside the building it covers by 3-5 degrees Celsius depending up to climatic conditions

2) Reduces the roof surface temperature by up to 50%

3)I ncreases the effective R value of insulation

4) Saves on cost of air conditioning the building

5) Better budget management due to predictable life extension of the roof (the opportunity to re-coat

the roof rather than replace it)

6) Creates a more comfortable environment in areas where there is no air conditioning

7) Slows premature aging of a roof due to high surface temperatures and UV degradation results in

reduced overall roof life-cycle costs

8) Reduces respiratory health risks and the risk of heat-related deaths, especially in an area facing HEAT WAVES

like Karachi in 2015.

9) Provides easier and safer application than with hot-applied systems. .

10) The coating becomes the first layer of UV to reduce thermal shocks which then also acts as the first line of

defense against water penetration and hence provide the added bonus of being a water-resistant barrier. (Only

For Waterproofing).


Our coating is also 100% environmentally friendly (green) because it reduces landfill materials and at least 10% of landfill waste is made up of roofing materials. It saves energy, both for the building owner, and for the utility supplier. It reduces the carbon footprint of the building by reducing the CO2 emissions and also it minimizes the environmental burden.

Roof heat proofing

Different Type Of Roof. Laser Spot Temperature.
Roof Floor Outside.
Laser Spot Temperature.
Roof Ceiling Inside.
 Inside Room Temperature. Cool Tech Coated Area.
Inside Temperature.
Normal Concrete Roof 55 degree Celsius 39 degree Celsius  37 degree Celsius 32 degree Celsius
Red Clay or Red Briks Roof 60 degree Celsius 40 degree Celsius  38 degree Celsius 32 degree Celsius